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Business excellence

Through our responsibility and reliable business activity, we have introduced business excellence into the RIKO trademark. Business excellence is the goal of each activity, engraved at the beginning of each project. Business excellence binds us in each work phase and also helps build a sustainable relationship with our employees, customers as well as the natural and social environment.

We at Riko Hiše are committed to business excellence at all levels of our activity: this is reflected in excellent products but also in an excellent relationship with our customers, sustainable partnership relations, production that is responsible towards both the environment and society, fair relations with our employees, active participation in local activities and careful protection of the environment.

We believe that only a balanced combination of these efforts will lead to a sustainable development – the basis of the values of our company Riko Hiše. Riko Hiše’s commitment to progressive development also shows in the cooperation with scientific and educational institutions which help us continuously improve our RIKO wooden constructions. We closely collaborate with the University of Ljubljana (UL) Faculty of Architecture, the UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, the UL Biotechnical Faculty, the Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK Ljubljana, the Slovene National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, the Otto Graf Stuttgart Institute, et al.

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