We have built many reference prefabricated wooden buildings and made as many wants and ideas real. They have been fulfilled as unique, quality, comfortable, economical, safe and healthy living. We have been trusted by many satisfied owners of prefabricated wooden houses, investors in public buildings and clients who ordered unique wooden façades, extensions and upgrades.

We know how to make your wishes come true and we shall justify your trust as well.

We will create a home that suits your needs. With you. For you.


The collection of completed prefabricated wooden buildings, from residential houses, public or business buildings, to examples of holiday buildings is extremely rich and we are proud of each project on its own.
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Ground floor house with a flat roof

Partner: Architettura Lamellare Location: Vimmercate,...

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First Riko Passive house in Switzerland

We have built the first Riko Passive house in Cademario (canton of Ticino, Switzerland) for a Swiss architect. The single family house, measuring around 250m2 je built in accordance with the...

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Solid wooden house

Architecture: Boštjan ČešarekLocation: Tomačevo,...



Deciding for RIKO HIŠE equals deciding for quality and reliability, for sustainable and environmentally friendly prefabricated wooden construction. For a safe investment and excellent service. It is the decision for a unique, safe and economical home, for cosy lifestyle, tailor-made to suit your wants, and for elaborateness, weaved in every single detail.