Autumn in RIKO HIŠE

Autumn in RIKO HIŠE

The beginning of the fall was very colourful in HIŠE. 4 countries and 7 prefabricated wooden houses.


We are building a house in Italy, near Udine and we are excited to see the rapid progress of the construction, and even more to see the satisfied enthusiastic investor, who is impressed with the quick performance and expertise of our assembly team. During the assembly process, we successfully passed the first part of the Casa Clima assessment, and last week also passed the Blower-door. This test demonstrates the energy efficiency of our construction and the air-tightness of the outer envelope of the building.

In Switzerland we are finishing two prefab houses – one near Zurich and another one in Canton Ticino.

In UK, by The Lakes by Yoo we are starting to build the 10. house this year. The trusting investors is an excellent confirmation for us that we always maintain quality at high level and that we are fulfilling their complex expectations with each new building.

We are especially proud of this autumn in Slovenia – the Šentjernej kindergarten is in the final phase. Meanwhile we also started building a residential house near Litija and we are also successfully coordinating the details for the wonderful kindergarten Kamnitnik, which construction will begin before the end of this year.

We are only on the beginning of the month, but fully busy and excited about new projects that the near future holds for us.