Nowadays, modern aesthetics and modern lifestyle emphasise individuality. The façade is the one element of the building which definitively creates a decisive first impression. A wooden façade is always unique and charms everyone who is close to wood with its own beautiful features: with natural diversity and living appearance, endurance, good construction characteristics, ecological stance and speed which is enabled in construction. Wooden façades are gaining a reputation of prestige thanks to all the listed characteristics and also because their aesthetic value is becoming increasingly more acknowledged in modern architectural approaches.

RIKO HIŠE wooden façades can be placed on any exterior wall. Here, it does not matter if it is a prefabricated, completely wooden Riko house or a brick or concrete house, new or renovated house. Wooden façades are suitable both for residential houses and large public buildings, as well as business-residential buildings. The wooden façade represents protection of the basic construction from the effects of the environment, while at the same time it is an important design and aesthetic element of the building.

Wood as a basic material for the façade enables many sorts of cladding and use of various profiles and colours. When combined with stone, glass or metal, its characteristics are emphasised even more.

Wooden façades - REFERENCES

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