Wood as the basic building block of every prefabricated wooden building by RIKO HIŠE is excellent building material, which suits all the concepts of sustainable construction. It is ecological, energy-saving and combines excellent physical and mechanical features – it is a good sound insulator, which can take large amounts of fire load and can adapt to strong pressure load very well.

It maintains a pleasant climate in the room in all seasons, regulates humidity and functions as a biological filter, it is warm to the touch and has a beneficial influence on mood.

Construction with wood therefore provides truly quality lifestyle, which we always bring to life together with our clients in every building made by Riko Hiše.

“Wooden houses have their own soul. They have their own temperature, their own fragrance, different sound, they react differently to life in them. The technology has advanced so far that all the disadvantages from the past have been now removed with modern prefabricated wooden houses. What is more, with prefabricated houses we can solve all architectural challenges, perhaps even greater than in classic construction, because we are able to combine various building materials, which cannot be done in classic construction.” (Bojan Lukšič, Director of Riko Hiše, taken from the interview for Montažnehiše.com web portal).

Energy Efficiency

Wood construction on its own enables better insulation when compared to other building materials, as wood has 15 times lower thermal transmittance from concrete and 4 times lower than brick, while other important aspects for providing energy efficiency are thicker insulation of external walls, appropriate choice of insulation materials, which enable optimal thermal transmittance and thermal lag, which protects the building from overheating in warm months and prevents thermal loss in winter. Well thought-out installation of energy efficient builders’ joinery, good airtightness, controlled ventilation with recuperation of temperature and use of renewable energy sources additionally contribute to sustainable design of your home.

High Level of Prefabrication

The concept of prefabricated wood construction of RIKO HIŠE enables an incredibly high level of prefabrication. By using modern technology and with the help of computerised production processes wooden elements are created in our own production halls throughout the entire year. This way, they are protected from the effects of weather conditions already in the phase of production, while during the installation of materials we are constantly carrying out process control and ensuring diligent planning and accurate execution with the smallest possible tolerances.

Earthquake and Fire Safety

Although wood is a combustible material, it can handle a greater fire load than concrete or steel. On the surface of the burning glued timber a thin charred layer is formed, which prevents oxygen from entering the wood, slowing down the spreading of the fire.

Wood construction by RIKO HIŠE is also significantly safer than masonry in terms of earthquakes, because it can handle pressure, tensile loads and bending forces extremely well. Wood is flexible and can, in contrast to concrete, adapt excellently to strong pressure loads. Due to a very favourable ratio between its own weight and its carrying capacity, it is also suitable for buildings in the areas with weaker carrying capacity of the floor.