We designed wooden modular apartments and gave them the luxury of a quality of life that is in touch with nature. We created them in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction, an adapted them to the holiday comfort. By thinking about the future and with our commitment to quality. For the luxury of a holiday stay.

REMMAS wooden modular mobile apartments are multi-purpose, sustainable and reasonably priced dwelling solutions. They offer flexible design for camps, ski resorts, spa tourism and other projects.

Wood as the external protective layer of the supporting construction represents an incredible design element, which fits beautifully both in urban and rural environments. Considering the demands of modern life, we have developed playful floor plans in modular execution, which enable adaptability to the purpose and to the environment in which they are integrated.

The selection of configurations, wall sections and equipment all offer different possibilities to design a SELF-SUFFICIENT modular mobile apartment, which enables quick and effective acceptance of new visitors with its modern technological solutions.