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Business system

Riko Hiše d.o.o. is a member of the RIKO group and as such is dedicated to the common values in every area of activity. We play an active role in many economic associations that strengthen business relations in an international environment and support the development of economic ties. As a member of the Section of Slovene manufacturers of prefabricated houses, of the Passive house consortium and the Institute of Wood Science and Sustainable Development, we strive to promote timber constructions and increase the standards. 

The RIKO group links organizations operating on the basis of common values and a common philosophy:

  • uniting commercial initiatives in the area of engineering (Riko),
  • promoting design trademarks (Starck with Riko ),
  • marketing ecological and low-energy living spaces (Riko Hiše ),
  • supporting social efforts for a lifestyle enriched by culture and art (Škrabec homestead, Riko Art Collection, Friar Stanislav Škrabec Association).


The RIKO group and its pillars were established by Janez Škrabec,a Slovene businessman and philanthropist as well as a sponsor of art and culture.

The central pillar of the RIKO group is the company Riko d.o.o. standing for the entrepreneurial initiative, business philosophy and the strong value system within the RIKO trademark. The RIKO business system spans many companies manufacturing products, equipment and accessories that contribute to the technological solutions of RIKO.

RIKO is also a member of many business associations strengthening commercial and economic relations, committed to improving standards. Furthermore, RIKO is a proud member of the Management Association of Slovenia, the Slovenia-Kuwait Business Forum, the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce and the AmCham.  

Riko Group
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