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Our mission at RIKO Hiše

At Riko Hiše we create new living spaces by constructing prefabricated wooden buildings. We manufacture RIKO wooden houses using our own patent, increasing living space standards and offering incentives to new achievements in the design of living space. By using wood as a renewable resource in construction, we emphasize the value of ecological materials, healthy living spaces and low-energy and environment-friendly buildings.


Values we believe in

To live in a natural, healthy environment is the basic motto and goal of Riko Hiše which we attempt to realize in each RIKO project “stone by stone”. We believe in the quality of life, we love our environment and are dedicated to the tradition and richness of woodworking inherited by our ancestors. For this reason, we also invest a great deal in the place where we come from.

It is our conviction that everybody deserves a true home where they can enjoy life in a healthy and safe natural environment without worries. Designing new living spaces, we always keep in mind the individual lifestyle to which they must be adapted. We also consider the requirements and expectations of a modern lifestyle.


Designing new living spaces

Riko Hiše has made a name as a designer of low-energy buildings and is synonymous for high-quality living spaces.

With each RIKO house, we wish to create a living space that can only be offered by natural, environment-friendly and energy-efficient wooden buildings.

Wood as a construction material offers many advantages, and therefore we want each RIKO house to be an ambassador of a healthy home – tailor-made to modern man and designed with the utmost respect of nature.

We want to continue to support the regional environment and maintain our precious heritage of respectfully working the wood that has grown in the Ribnica region for centuries.

We want to establish our place in the global market as distinguished creators of new concepts for low-energy wooden buildings with perfect design.

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