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Riko Hiše manufactures and markets ecological and energy-saving wooden buildings. Wood is a material typical of all of Slovenia, and the love for wood is certainly most emphasized in the Ribnica region, where the RIKO wooden constructions are developed.

The innovative living space solutions designed in Riko Hiše are prefabricated in the production facilities in Ribnica using our own patent. Each RIKO building is planned together with the customer, and we take care of the entire project, from the birth of the idea to the erection of the building and the design of the façade. In every project we participate with distinguished architects, always considering the needs and lifestyle of our customers.    

Ever since 1997, when we at Riko Hiše started manufacturing massive wooden elements for a foreign partner, we have continued the valuable heritage of building with wood.  When Riko Hiše took over the system patent for the production of massive wooden houses, this was the beginning of its promising growth and the story of its success.

To date Riko Hiše has developed into an internationally recognised and successful company, and the many Slovene and foreign certificates, as well as design and architecture awards are a testament to the quality of RIKO timber constructions.

In the course of its activity, Riko Hiše has become a setter of standards for ecological high-quality prefabricated timber buildings joining excellent business results with social responsibility.

Business details

Riko Hiše d.o.o.

Headquarters: Bizjanova ulica 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana business unit: Tehnološki park 18/C1, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ribnica business unit: Lepovče 23, SI-1310 Ribnica, Slovenia

t: +386 (0)1 837 2610, 837 2611
f: +386 (0)1 836 9936
e: info@riko-hiše.si

VAT number: SI 47992115
Registration number: 1214152000
Transaction account: IBAN SI56 0292 3001 4261 662 (NLB d.d)
Transaction account: IBAN SI56 0310 0101 2774 869 (SKB d.d.)

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