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Public buildings

Wooden constructions as a mirror of values

The corporate identity of a company or organization can also be reflected in the image of its business premises. A low-energy wooden business building is a revealing indicator of the philosophy of the company’s responsible to both the environment and society, acting according to the principle of future sustainability. If public institutions express their ecological concerns by using wood constructions for public buildings, this is a clear indicator of a mature society whose focus is on sustainable development.

State institutions increasingly realize the value of investing in wood constructions because such investments preserve the environment and are responsible towards future generations. Using wood to construct public buildings such as kindergartens or schools is not only in the national interest but also an investment into an ecological and healthy living environment that offers many incentives to the young generation.

We at Riko Hiše are proud to participate in designing and erecting business buildings, schools, kindergartens, educational institutions, catering and tourist facilities, sports and conference halls, cultural centers as well as extensions and superstructures to existing public buildings. Each of them contributes to raising the awareness of living in close touch with nature.

RIKO public buildings:

- business and commercial buildings

- public institutions

- educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities)

- catering and tourist facilities

- sports and recreation facilities

- conference halls

- cultural centers

- extensions and superstructures

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