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Values embedded in a system that respects, develops and supports sustainability in every aspect are at the core of all activities of the company RIKO.

Responsibility towards employees.

Responsibility towards employees

RIKO enables its employees to develop themselves and play a creative roll by supporting education, training and ambitions.

Responsibility towards partners.

Responsibility towards partners

Of course, the satisfaction of our customers and joint success in our projects that usually involve many participants is our highest goal to which all our efforts are directed.

Responsibility towards the environment.

Responsibility towards the environment

We dedicate careful attention to the natural environment – in all areas of our activity. We continuously monitor and respect the applicable regulations and carefully select partners who are able to live up to our high standards. 

Sustainable activity

Sustainable activity

Contributing to economic progress while respecting the principles of ecology and social justice - this is our firm vision and everyday rule in the sustainable activity of RIKO. 

A responsible and just present does not spoil the future, but finds it is continued in the future in a sustainable manner.  

RIKO’s philosophy is to actively participate in its environment, by developing business relations and supporting social, cultural and other sectors which are important for an integral development and fulfilled life in all respects. We always consider and develop local potentials in foreign markets and employ and train the local people.

Roots and wings

Roots and wings

We from RIKO conduct our business worldwide, but remain firmly anchored in our original place. Our activity follows the wise saying "We need wings if you want to reach up high, but also roots so we do not lose the ground from beneath our feet". For this reason, we understand and shape our company as the apogee of a tradition which participated in forming the spiritual and work culture and values.

Janez Škrabec in his speech at the 18th annual conference SZKO

We live in a part of the world where more is produced than is needed, which means that our work is not merely a struggle for survival. Our first motivation is people and their growth, to which business strategy, productivity and profit are subordinate. To lead means to know why people do what they do, why they feel what they feel – and to set goals for them on this basis. I am not interested in the increase in value unless this implies the creation of values.

Janez Škrabec in his speech at the 18th annual conference of the Slovenian Quality and Excellence Association (SZKO) in 2009

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