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Nature has endowed us with both the ability to dream and the inspiration to realize our deepest dreams. Our prefabricated RIKO wooden houses capture the perfection of nature and combine high quality living space with low energy consumption and environmental friendliness. Each RIKO house is unique and tailor-made to the customer’s needs. Here is a place you can indulge in your dreams. When you decide to realize them, we at Riko Hiše will be happy to help you.

Surround yourself by nature, choose the warmth of wood, and invest into energy-saving construction. Not for your prestige, but for yourself!


In Forcola near the Italian town Pisa we are currently completing the works on a single family passive house in collaboration with our partners from the architectural firm Studio archisette. The house was built using the cross-laminated board system (KLH), which is considered the most optimal solution for prefabricated wooden construction.
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