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Accessible Riko quality in new shapes and sizes

Today's facts such as faster lifestyles, changes in the perception and meaning of ‘home’, different financial circumstances and the increasing importance of environmentally friendly construction are undoubtedly reflected in Riko’s new guidelines of co-creating the culture of living.

With the selected line of Riko houses we have created a series of five user-friendly house models that meet the needs of a comfortable living all while embodying the advantages of high-quality Riko construction: prefabrication, high energy efficiency, the use of natural materials, safety and sustainability and the full customer support.

Nearly two decades of work in the field of prefabricated wooden construction enabled us a wide selection of references and experiences that have led to a carefully considered selection of Riko houses that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your home.

The houses Iška, Zaplata, Savica, Pišnica and Krempa were named after some of the Slovenian forest reserves because they are made out of one of nature’s most treasured elements: wood. Spruce wood, which is used in the production of our wooden elements, is obtained from controlled and sustainable forests. Just as forest reserves serve as a safe shelter for their inhabitants - safety is also a major feature that is attributed to Riko houses. The five houses are available in sizes ranging from 44.20 m2 to 235.40 m2 and are delivered in their water tight phase. By creating a line of prefabricated houses we wanted to furthermore facilitate our customer’s decision-making and purchase process and offer them – on top of our individually designed houses – a simpler solution and a fully accessible house, which does not step away from Riko’s distinguished and recognizable quality and from the flexibility of our solutions.

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