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Speedy and in every season

The construction system of prefabricated wooden RIKO houses offers you a series of advantages: construction is speedy and ecologically impeccable, it can be executed in any season of the year, it enables exact time planning, and moving in is possible immediately upon completion of the final works. As a consequence, it will save you time, money and – not last – grey hair!   

Throughout the year, large wooden panel elements are manufactured in production facilities. Closed and dry rooms ensure constant and monitored climate conditions, regardless of the season.

The RIKO construction system does not require a drying phase – a substantial gain in time. Construction works take four months in total and can also be executed during winter.

Of course, the erection of a RIKO building is subject to a legally valid building permit, a subsequent contract signature by both parties, well-structured financing and the construction of an access driveway to the building site. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you can leave all other concerns to the experienced RIKO installers: we will arrange the building site, manage the construction works and provide transportation.

Construction phase

We deliver each RIKO building finished up to the agreed construction or completion phase: A completed building shell comprises the entire shell construction and includes doors and windows, but without installations, floor finish and sanitary equipment. Partial turnkey includes completed floors and rough finishing works, while full turnkey means that your new home has been finished to the extent that you can move in immediately upon delivery of the key.  

Predstavitveni film proizvodnje
Predstavitveni film montaže
Type of completion Completed building shell Partial turnkey Full turnkey
Exterior wall elements Yes Yes Yes
Interior wall elements Yes Yes Yes
Ceiling above ground floor Yes Yes Yes
Ceiling of attic Yes Yes Yes
Roof construction Yes Yes Yes
Windows and balcony doors Yes Yes Yes
Entrance door Yes Yes Yes
External blinds Yes Yes Yes
Roofing and gutters Yes Yes Yes
Exterior façade Yes Yes Yes
Exterior and interior sills Yes Yes Yes
Balcony railing Yes Yes Yes
Transport and hydraulic lift Yes Yes Yes
Installation and scaffolding Yes Yes Yes
Floor finish X Yes Yes
Electrical installations X Yes Yes
Water installations X Yes Yes
Installation of central heating X Yes Yes
Sockets and plugs X X Yes
Sanitary equipment with fittings X X Yes
Delivery and laying of floor coverings (ceramic tiles, parquet, etc.) X X Yes
Paintwork X X Yes
Interior doors X X Yes
Interior stairs X X Yes

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