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Residential buildings

Nature, warmth, home

The new living spaces created by Riko Hiše for single family, duplex or multi-family houses have delighted inhabitants, visitors and architects alike - and even us. This is because the qualities of construction characterized by the fascinating building material, wood, continue to surprise us. With their special ambiance RIKO houses enable us to co-exist with nature in a way humans have always wished to – in a warm home.

Emphasize your individuality

Each RIKO house has been built with you in mind, i.e. each specific customer needs individual requirements and habits. No two RIKO houses are identical because we at RIKO do not know general type projects. We only know individuals who want a warm, pleasant, healthy, energy-saving and lasting home. For this reason each of our buildings is unique.  Because you our customers are also unique!

We apply the same commitment when building extensions and superstructures as well as our buildings (sheds, garages, canopies, warehouses, etc.) which we will gladly build to your existing RIKO building. 

RIKO residential buildings:

- single family building

- duplex or multi-family houses

- extensions or superstructures

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