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Wooden ceilings and wooden wall panels

Eye-catching design

The walls and ceiling we are used to rarely catch our eye and even more rarely offer a feeling of warmth and aesthetic pleasure. As opposed to plastered, dry assembled or cement screed surfaces, wood floors and walls are never plain and expressionless. Wood gives them a highly decorative value, and thanks to the extensive design possibilities, we can emphasize the colours and textures this marvelous material introduces into our living spaces.

Each ceiling can be clad in wood and changed into a special experience using contemporary architectural solutions. Wooden panels are generally assembled to form a massive wooden wall, but can be combined with other materials, e.g. stone, stainless steel sheet or terracotta. Our RIKO ceiling and wall panels are also tailor-made.

Using natural pigment coatings based on vegetable oils, we can easily compose interesting colors we would not expect on wood surfaces. With the help of new technologies and modern design the possibilities are almost unlimited.

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