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Riko building principles

Wood is good – and best for your home

When nature gave birth to its children, it had foreseen a special role for the tree. The tree is the symbol of life: with its deep roots and luxuriant crown, it indicates both our origins and the direction of our development. The tree’s growth symbolizes our ripening and the knotholes show the times we were put to test. 

Wood offers a wide variety of possibilities so we at RIKO believe that, of all building materials, wood suits best the design of our living spaces.


We have summed up the principles we build our construction business on: Each RIKO house is a unique and customized building. Wooden RIKO houses are healthy, ecological, built quickly, safe and durable, provide comfort and save energy. They are worth their money. Because they bring new quality to living spaces: your home WILL be your castle.

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Cross-section of exterior walls
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