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Tailor-made construction

Tailor-made to your needs

Everyone is unique, and therefore so are the houses built by RIKO.  No two are the same! We swear by individual construction which we plan especially for you from beginning to end, entirely tailor-made to your needs. The unique wooden buildings adapted to your specific requirements are created in cooperation with architects because we wish that every RIKO building satisfies its user to the greatest extent possible and to be integrated harmoniously into its environment.

The full adaptability of the RIKO building system enables you to choose from different construction systems, numerous materials, various external finishes and even the most demanding details.  As RIKO professionals we will listen to you very carefully and dedicate ourselves to your desires, we will advise you in the choice of materials and suggest optimum solutions according to the funds available. A complete team will participate in realizing your dream house: we will see to the preparation of the plans (architect, technologist, personal advisor) and the qualitative execution (professionals in production, installers) within the shortest possible time. Rely on our knowledge and leave the concern for the many details to us.  

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