Event building at the Škrabec homestead

Event building at the Škrabec homestead

Location: Hrovača near Ribnica
Architect: Božidar F. Rot

The Škrabec homestead barn used to be the largest outbuilding of the homestead. The barn was reconstructed in 2002, but apart from its outer appearance and name nothing has remained the same. Today, the homestead has a cultural, communicational, medial and business mission within the context of the Škrabec homestead. Its interior has been entirely refurbished into a spacious hall for seminars and exhibitions. At the entrance into the renovated multi-purpose “barn” stand the pillar sculptures created by four Slovene sculptors. The renovated barn is a unique symbiosis of the Ribnica heritage and contemporary visual creativity.

Summary of WOOD IN CONTEMPORARY SLOVENE ARCHITECTURE 2000-2010 (Les v sodobni slovenski arhitekturi 2000-2010), Manja Kitek Kuzman

Project type
Public buildings

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