House in Bovec, built after the earthquake

House in Bovec, built after the earthquake

Location: Bovec
Architects: Miloš Florjančič & Miloš Blenkuš,

The house was built as a replacement building after the earthquake and shows some of the traditional features of the local architecture. Modern living is provided by the sophisticated use of the classical architectural elements light, colour, wood, etc. The frontal façades of the building are neutral and therefore do not disturb the environment. The house is a high-quality interpretation of traditional construction, but creates a recognisable entity and therefore a good example in an anonymous rural environment.

Summary of WOOD IN CONTEMPORARY SLOVENE ARCHITECTURE 2000-2010 (Les v sodobni slovenski arhitekturi 2000-2010), Manja Kitek Kuzman

Project type
Residential buildings

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