Single-room house

Single-room house

Location: Montalto Marina (Viterbo)
Architects: Lorenzo Pignatti, Ottone Pignatti Studio Associato

The one-room house is located in the inspiring Lazio region of Italy in the town of Montalto Marina. Not long ago, an old fisherman’s cabin stood on this site. The owners kept its original size replacing it with a one-room house serving as a weekend cottage today. Although the dimensions of the old fisherman’s cabin have been preserved, the ingenious architecture of the new cottage offers every convenience. The interior space opens to the courtyard both visually and functionally extending the space. Outside there is a kitchen with a grill, with an open view of the garden, the landscape, the Flora river, as well as of the watch towers from the 16th century as a solid reminder of the past. The house has not broken with tradition, but has interpreted them in a modern way.

Project type
Residential buildings

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