Wellcome trust Sanger Institute – extension

Wellcome trust Sanger Institute – extension

Location: Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, Great Britain
Architects: NBBJ
Architects: Chiaki Tomita

The new conference hall extension with service rooms is placed in an interior atrium located in the heart of a complex of buildings owned by one of the largest health charity funds in the world. The complex covers an area of more than six hectares in the Wetlands Natural Area.

Wood as a basic element (used in the building construction, larch façade, roof and interior) represents the design core of the corporation, i.e. maintenance of the natural ecosystem. The wooden façade shell creates a vertical rhythm contrasting with the wooden surface of the existing composition. The pattern transitions into the greened roof. Natural light enters the building through specially designed rectangular shaped windows and roof cupolas as an additional source of light.

Project type
Extensions, upgrades
United Kingdom

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