Wooden victorian house

Wooden victorian house

Location: London, Great Britain
Architects: NO-architects,

In a protected part of northern London, a modern single-family house was built according to the design plans of No-house architects: it had to be as close in style to the neighboring Victorian houses as possible. It displays an innovative pattern of wooden lamellas as well as large glass and wood surfaces on the main façade turned towards the street. The flat roof finishes in an interesting vase-like element, while the elegance of the house is emphasized by very refined window profiles.
The large glass surfaces create a light and reflecting volume, and the interior is dominated by white colours and light tones creating lightness and airiness. The house harmoniously merges with the surrounding because the wooden elements reflect the qualities of the Victorian style and transfer it to the present in a state-of-the-art manner.

“In its simple but imaginative design, in its focus on details, modularity and functionality, and in the way light captures the space to give a timeless impression, the NO-house articulates the essence of my architecture.” Charlotte Larco, NO-architects

Project type
Residential buildings
United Kingdom

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